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We are a team of guys who are very concerning the quality of foods that we're using daily. So we would like to work hard to look for good products as well as try our best to strictly balance all costs for lowering the prices as possible to our clients in US. Thank you for your continuous support and our client network has been expanding daily by referral.

We invite you to read "Veallshare 的故事 ~ 由來~ 誕生" to know more about us.


Our team 我們的團隊



I love Burt's Bee products. They're really good and solve my skin problem. I love and trust them.

Ms. Carolin Enski

The customer service from Veallshare is great. They answered my enquiry via whatsapp and email so quickly. Their team's really helpful from product enquiry to ordering and delivery. I highly recommend Veallshare. Try once.

Dr Divid Tipper

Wholesales 批發服務

Are you cooperate buyer? 你是商家嗎 ?

如你正在為你的店舖或貿易生意尋找高質素的健康產品,Veallshare 誠意為你提供批發及代寄服務。


Our product range are : 

  • Foods 食品類
  • Supplement 保健/營養輔助, Slimming 瘦身/健美
  • Consumer Products


ZAP EXPO 2016 歡迎你加入我們的家庭, 成為一份子

Zap Expo

介紹 KINGPAGE 手機app

KingPage Smartphone apps    

此新智能手機應用程式提供免費宣傳, 助你以短時間簡易地為你的店舖 / 產品 / 服務作宣傳.

你現可於Apple Store 及Google下載, 請用King Page來搜尋

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Everything is good and ordering is smooth.

Ms. Kimi Chu

I would like to order again. They are reliable.

Milos C.